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Who called you from 0831237355 ?

+27 83 123 7355 South Africa
100 % negative
34 % Telemarketer

Phone number has negative rating. We have 50 ratings and 46 reviews for this phone number. 50 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 17x Telemarketer, 15x Silent call, 8x Nuisance call, 5x Scam call, 3x Unsolicited call, 1x Call centre, 1x Prank call.

Phone number should be mobile line. Possible phone number formats are +27 83 123 7355, 0027831237355, 083 123 7355, 0831237355, +27831237355, tel:+27-83-123-7355, +27 831237355, 831237355.

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Reviews for phone number 0831237355

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Telemarketer TonyS

These people should be thrown in jail for wasting other peoples time.

Telemarketer Mark

Persistent silent calls. Worth ignoring.

MTN (Telemarketer) Craig

An unsolicited sales call from MTN. Caller knew my full name despite my never having had any dealings with MTN.

Silent call Wehan

calls 1-4 times a day for 2 months blocking now

Fake number (Scam call) Hate spam

The number is fake the call is spoofed. i suspect it a marketer seeking working numbers to add to their sms contacts to spam you with more BS sms marketing messages

MTN (Unsolicited call) Callreview

This number is believed to relate to an outsourced agency working for MTN to call users to encourage them to upgrade/renew their accounts.

Silent call Hope444

I have received 12 calls from this number the last 9 days. No one on the other side it shuts down when I answer which may be a network or internet problem. However, when I try to call back the number does not exist so I have no idea if it is a debt collector (we have several people working here), or telemarketing. Do anyone know who the owner of this number is?

083 123 7355 (Silent call) Eddie

Got quite a few phone calls from this number on Friday 2 December 2016. I answer, but nobody replies. Tried phoning back: 'This number is incorrect.' So now I have blocked it. I am glad to find a place where one can research numbers like this and compare notes.

Nuisance call W. Basson

This number is so annoying!

Mr (Silent call) Ash

This number is sooooo annoying

Unsolicited call harassers

callers harassing me

MR (Scam call) voyu

Sold car as garage salsman demanding deposit no garage no car scam invoice .

Unsolicited call Chris

Keep getting calls. Irritated.

Silent call Gary

When I answered the call the other part was silent and the call was ended

Silent call Lu

This number should be blacklisted somehow...

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