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Who called you from 0100053351 ?

+27 10 005 3351 South Africa, Johannesburg
100 % negative
28 % Telemarketer

Phone number has negative rating. We have 18 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 18 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 5x Telemarketer, 3x Unsolicited call, 3x Nuisance call, 2x Scam call, 2x Financial services, 1x Call centre.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +27 10 005 3351, 0027100053351, 010 005 3351, 0100053351, +27100053351, tel:+27-10-005-3351, +27 100053351, 100053351.

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Reviews for phone number 0100053351

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Telemarketer Don

there is a voice message when you try to return the call

Financial services

Fnb insurance

Unsolicited call ompsomo

This POS calls every day at the same time, I tried phoning back once but it went straight to voice mail for what sounded like an American company. Scamming thieves.


selling of insurance

Nuisance call that hangs up instantly (Nuisance call) Azuni

When this number calls, every time when I pick up, they hang up. I would advise anyone to add them to their block list. Telemarketers/scammers usually do this to see if the number is still in use. Eventually they will get the message.


don't answer

Calls every day (Nuisance call) 196.14.188.xx

they call everyday and hang up

kamogelo Themani (Financial services)

She knew my date of birth, my address and my scary

Call centre

they miss call at least 5x a day

Scam call

scam call. nuisance

Sizwe from FNB (Financial services) 165.143.155.xx

They have called me serveral times i never answered,the 28/09/2017 i called the number from my office land line it says its a Hotel Express which they never picked up, then they called my cell phone again i wanted to tell them not to call me back,the guy had my FNB information and started wanting to sell me an overdraft protection,i just hung up.

David from FNB (Scam call) Veekay

This person seemed to have all my banking details and was calling just to confirm. I've been scammed before so I quickly recognized this as a tactic that these scammers use and hung up.



not sure (Unsolicited call) Rio

I called the number back and it belongs to Hotel Express International - clearly an UNSOLICITED SALES CALL. Saved it in my phone as SPAM, so when it rings, I will just reject the call.

Nuisance call Nombuso M

I don't know who this is, they let the phone ring for a few seconds and then hang up. The call is never answered when I call back. They have been calling for about 6 weeks now.


Being inundated with missed calls from this number. when calling back, line is engaged. NOT HAPPY

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