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Who called you from 0873506003 ?

+27 87 350 6003 South Africa
88 % negative
7 % Telemarketer

Phone number has negative rating. We have 41 ratings and 40 reviews for this phone number. 36 users marked it with negative rating, 3 users with neutral rating and 2 users with positive rating. This phone number is marked as 3x Telemarketer, 2x Call centre, 2x Nuisance call, 1x Financial services, 1x Unsolicited call.

Phone number should be voice over ip. Possible phone number formats are +27 87 350 6003, 0027873506003, 087 350 6003, 0873506003, +27873506003, tel:+27-87-350-6003, +27 873506003, 873506003.

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Reviews for phone number 0873506003

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Financial services Peejay

Why call and put down ??

.. (Unsolicited call) NoName


Financial services

direct access

Silent call Es


Telemarketer LB

Debt salespeople

a (Robocall) anonomous

Daily bombared and pestered by 087 numbers, other website says Direct access loans, telemarketer. There is no one on other side if answer phone. Can this telepmarkers be stopped, suspected they use computers to phone

Telemarketer Lu

they call a few times a day and then just put the phone down when i answer and dont answer when i call back

Robocall Lilla

I receive at least 8 calls from this number, on a daily basis, Monday to Friday. Answered the first call, noticed that it is an automated voice add and I ended the call. That same number kept on calling and after about 6 more of these calls, I eventually blocked the number. Since 12 October, this number have been blocked on my phone 44 times!! It's harrassment!!!


direct axis loans

Nuisance call

no one answering on the other end

Telemarketer Thembelani

When I needed a job, direct axis sent me through 8 weeks of interviews. I saw maybe 3-4 managers ... and they didn't even bother to say, "No, you did not succeed" ... So where the hell do you think I get the money to pay back a loan ???


I don't need a loan. Just on principle alone, I would go to hell and back before giving you a cent of my money.

Nuisance call

Just calls and calls when answer don't even speak

Financial services

direct axis trying to give out loans


direct access

Nuisance call Gogo

Nuisance call. Called me several times a day.

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