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Who called you from 0861742779 ?

+27 86 174 2779 South Africa
100 % negative
41 % Nuisance call

Phone number has negative rating. We have 64 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 64 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 26x Nuisance call, 23x Silent call, 12x Telemarketer, 1x Unsolicited call, 1x Scam call, 1x Call centre.

Phone number should belong some company. Possible phone number formats are +27 86 174 2779, 0027861742779, 086 174 2779, 0861742779, +27861742779, tel:+27-86-174-2779, +27 861742779, 861742779.

Reviews for phone number 0861742779

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Silent call El

Very very annoying.... wont stop calling me. About 5 calls a day. Have made an effort to go to Vodacom and get a technician to block this number on my phone.

Nuisance call Lynn

Calling the whole day.

Telemarketer Sarah

22 calls from this number over the last two weeks - either silent calls or someone trying to sell something. If this number phones you, don't bother to answer.

Silent call Jan

Like many others I am receiving calls from this number, mostly the caller doesn't speak :( ..... today a lady with an Indian accent spoke requesting to speak to the account holder by name, then hung up! Very strange?????

Silent call Lego

I keep receiving calls from this number and the caller doesn't speak. I've answered a few times by waiting for the caller to speak first but they never do.

Silent call Annie

calls every few days ,silence then hangs up.

Nuisance call Jan

Rings several times when answer, nothing. Happen on regular basis.

Nuisance call Bill

persistent nuisance

Nuisance call Dumingo

The phone rings as I'm about to to pickup the call is dropped it continued for thoughout the day.

Nuisance call 154.73.181.xx

Edgars tellermarker

Unsolicited call me

Hope your call centre burns down *!

Telemarketer Lexie

Called repeatedly. When I phoned them back there was just music playing. Very annoying.

Silent call Juandw

dropped calls

Silent call Jampwale

Silent call!

Nuisance call Jack

Phoned me twice in one day and the caller ended the call when I answered

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