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Who called you from 0312860930 ?

+27 31 286 0930 South Africa, Durban
88 % negative
23 % Silent call

Phone number has negative rating. We have 43 ratings and 41 reviews for this phone number. 38 users marked it with negative rating and 5 users with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 10x Silent call, 9x Telemarketer, 9x Nuisance call, 7x Unsolicited call, 5x Call centre, 1x Financial services, 1x Scam call, 1x Company.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +27 31 286 0930, 0027312860930, 031 286 0930, 0312860930, +27312860930, tel:+27-31-286-0930, +27 312860930, 312860930.

Reviews for phone number 0312860930

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Telemarketer Barry

Offering an RCS-Backed loan, unsolicited

FNB Connect (Call centre) Death to Telemarketers

This number is definitely not FNB unless FNB is slumming it with the Guptas. Received a call from this number today. Between the accent, tone and pronounciation, it was evident that this guy is extremely uneducated and should be on a disability grant for stupidity. Insists he is an FNB employee. I asked him clearly before we went any further if he is calling from FNB or a third party call centre since his accent was a bit too "local Durban" for me. His response "I said I am calling from First National Bank. Do you want me to spell that for you?" Clearly not an FNB employee. Just another dodgy Durban call centre employee. Was rude and abrasive until i finally ended the call. Scary part is that they claim to have the last 4 digits of your card number and tried to verify whether it was my card number or not. Really pathetic to see call centres stoop to this level. Buying people's detail and misrepresenting themselves as a trusted brand.

Telemarketer Ina

I received a call from this number from someone claiming to be from First National Connect, a division from FNB. I told her I was not interested, and phone the Fraud division of FNB. The person there told me that the Connect division of FNB does use telemarketers from this area code to promote their products, but that the call to you should reflect on your FNB profile. He also added that if one feels uncomfortable dealing with the telemarketers to rather go into your nearest branch if you need any info regarding their products.

Silent call Elaine

Received 2 calls and hangs up when i answer. After reading all your comments, i think i'll rather block the number now.

Telemarketer dadels

FNB trying to sell their "FNB Connect Service"

Nuisance call durban

nuisance call

Silent call Bibi

Calls and hangs up when I answer

Silent call

Nobody talking. They call twice a day

Nuisance call Ouma

Calls me twice a day, most days.

Sales Manager (Silent call) Viking

When answering the caller hangs up.

Telemarketer Landebee

FNB mobile

Nuisance call VP

Non stop calls all hours of the day every day!

Dangerous (Nuisance call) Lavi




Call centre Len

Fnb call centre

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