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Who called you from 0218322200 ?

+27 21 832 2200 South Africa, Cape Town
100 % negative
26 % Debt collector

Phone number has negative rating. We have 19 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 19 users marked it with negative rating. This phone number is marked as 5x Debt collector, 2x Scam call, 2x Unsolicited call, 2x Silent call, 1x Prank call, 1x Nuisance call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +27 21 832 2200, 0027218322200, 021 832 2200, 0218322200, +27218322200, tel:+27-21-832-2200, +27 218322200, 218322200.

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Reviews for phone number 0218322200

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UNKNOWN (Scam call) DEAD


Nuisance Call (Nuisance call) Dee

I got numerous phone calls from this number at inappropriate times at night.

Nuisance call

called me after midnight.

Nuisance call Zoe

I just got a call from this number 021.832.2200. When I picked up the line went dead. Thanks for the info here that it's from a debt collector - thought as much, they love playing games and harassing people. I won't answer if there is a next time, but hopefully not.!

Nuisance call Craig

Called me at 20:15 just after they called my wife's phone 1 min earlier did not even ring a full ring then hung up if anyone knows who these people are please list them on hellopeter. com as they will probably be able to sort this out

Silent call tumi

Called at 23:29. Annoying indeed.

0218322200 (Prank call) CT_resident

Calling early hours of the morning for no reason.

Silent call

021 (Silent call) Luvo

This nr is calling when i pick it up they drop the phone

Scam call justice

please destroy this number(crush it)

Mrs (Unsolicited call) Mandy

If this number is debt collecting I will take action against them. They clearly state for every call to you they add charges to your account... SO why on earth would you call some one at 4:00 am!!!!!!!!! Obviously I am sleeping and will not answer a call.... Purposely increasing my balance by calling that time of day. Oh and calling back... Nope no answer. So they only want to call me at 4 am when I am asleep and then saying they cant get hold of me then want to hand me over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Messed with the wrong person I will take action against this BS....

Nuisance call Carmen

Number calls me at 12h00 at night!!

fead up

me too !!! does it even make dam sense !!!

Debt collector Debbie

Called at 2 in the morning????

Unsolicited call Bev

Phone was on silent yet a call from this number came through with ringing tone

nonsese (Scam call) hung up

I keep getting this call. I think they are part of the R99 scam

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