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Who called you from 0126888888 ?

+27 12 688 8888 South Africa, Pretoria
67 % negative
38 % Silent call

Phone number has negative rating. We have 116 ratings and 115 reviews for this phone number. 78 users marked it with negative rating, 22 users with positive rating and 16 users with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 44x Silent call, 21x Call centre, 20x Telemarketer, 11x Company, 10x Nuisance call, 6x Unsolicited call, 2x Service, 1x Scam call, 1x Other.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +27 12 688 8888, 0027126888888, 012 688 8888, 0126888888, +27126888888, tel:+27-12-688-8888, +27 126888888, 126888888.

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Reviews for phone number 0126888888

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Silent call Werner

Receiving several calls from this number a day!

Silent call Hux

hang up after answering.

Silent call Philippe

First silence call, did not answer following calls & blocked the number

Telemarketer CT

Vodacom Telemarketer

Nuisance call Leanne

Continual calls from this number over and over even though I do not answer. If you try call back there is no answer

Gands (Other) Gands

Had a missed call as I was driving. When I called back I got the few rings then call dropped

Miss (Silent call) Zizi

The caller was silent and then they hang up


Dominion claiming that He is from telkom called from this number an offered me a WIFI route of R139pm for 10gb and promise that one of his colleagues will call concerning my application but to date I have never receive any call. And I'm scared maybe they are a scam. Please advice

Company 41.50.16.xx

Telkom customer care

Company 192.143.127.xx

telkom trying to sell LTE

Telemarketer 41.50.62.xx

Rubbish call.


telkom mobile


nuisance daiky

Silent call

Silent call

Hate Spammers (Unsolicited call) 41.161.115.xx

Spam/Scam. Unsolicited Saturday Harassment.

012 688 8888 (Silent call) NBS

connected but no sound

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