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Who called you from 0110559899 ?

+27 11 055 9899 South Africa, Johannesburg
60 % negative
20 % Nuisance call

Phone number has negative rating. We have 25 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 15 users marked it with negative rating, 6 users with positive rating and 4 users with neutral rating. This phone number is marked as 5x Nuisance call, 4x Unsolicited call, 4x Telemarketer, 4x Call centre, 2x Financial services, 1x Company, 1x Robocall, 1x Scam call.

Phone number should be fixed line. Possible phone number formats are +27 11 055 9899, 0027110559899, 011 055 9899, 0110559899, +27110559899, tel:+27-11-055-9899, +27 110559899, 110559899.

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Reviews for phone number 0110559899

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Call centre

Discovery Call Centre

Call centre

Discovery Call Centre

Nuisance call zzz

dont answer

Call centre Geoffo

Discovery Health arranged call back.


Please call me back I want a cover on 0723942588.


unsolicited call


total nuisance call completely unsolicited

Nuisance call Simson

Very annoying, keeps calling during lunch time and outside office hours.

Unsolicited call alan

had to make this neutral since i am a medical aid member.. they trying to sell me vitality.. don't like... now trying to sell me insurence.. BAD

Scam call MB

Someone called me today from that number and then when I started asking questions, she hung up. I think it's a fraudster trying to find out the value of the contents of your house before robbing you.

Call centre Eric

Call Dropped call before I could answer

Nuisance call

keep phoning

Company Joe

discovery card about my limit increase request

Unsolicited call Rosey

Trying to sell you alarms

Robocall Bob

Answer phone and get some machine. Do not want.

Discovery Insure 911 (Call centre) Gawie

Call Centre for your vehicle tracking

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