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Application is disabled

Symptoms: Alerts are not shown, numbers are not blocked
Affected devices: Devices with Android 4,5 or 6

Android 7 provides filtering API which solves all issues. Our latest BETA version supports this filtering. This version is available in Google Play. How to enable BETA access ?

This article is for devices with Android 4,5 or 6.

The Android system enables the developers to create low energy consuming applications, but most of the developers don’t care about the consumption of their products. This is not good new for the mobile manufacturers who try to assure as much of battery life as possible for one charge. To solve this problem, they usually add some battery savers to their devices which deactivates every inactive applications. In most cases this means that only foreground application (the one actually used by the user) is allowed to run and all other are killed. Some battery savers even switch the applications off until user runs them again manually. This behavior on the other hand disturbs the functionality of many applications which need to run even as a background process. For this almost every battery saver has some list of manual exceptions.

Also there are some battery saver available in the Google Play store which makes the situation even worse. Generally saying it is not recommended to use such savers. Their usage slower the run of the system and in some cases they even make the battery life time even shorter significantly. It always depends on which applications do you use and how you use your phone.

Settings improving the application stability

After installation the application is registered as "foreground service" - such service should have the exceptions from operation system and it should let it work as much as possible. By switching of the "foreground service" you lower the chance for good work for the application. Read more about the foreground service.

How to set the exceptions in battery savers from manufacturers

The implementation of battery savers and exceptions lists settings differs according to the manufacturer, Android version and version of the manufacturers UI - enhancement. Please chose your phone manufacturer:

If your manufacturer is not listed above then please try to inspect your mobile phone or check the internet. Here is a few general advices, please check mainly the following:

  1. System list of protected applications - it contains applications which are granted to the operating system to work constantly. Please add our application to it. Probably such list could be located directly behind the gear icon for your mobile Settings.
  2. Lock screen regime - some phones contain a list of applications allowed to work with the screen locked, you will probably find it under the Display settings - please add our application to it.
  3. Battery and power management - mostly you can find here directly a list of applications allowed to work under low battery, or with some battery-saving regime - please add our application to such list.
  4. If you have installed some applications of third parties such as antivirus applications, battery savers, memory managers – please add our application to their list of protected applications.

If you find the solution for your mobile share it with other users !

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